A half-assed cultural talk show we accidentally created while trying to do a music show.


Creative Agency

A creative house and consulting agency. We mixed experiential, social, influencer and public relations services for clients. We also house several multimedia shows and podcasts. 

058 - 'Keep That Same Energy'

Paul and Brandon join a Hot Wing eating contest. Paul explains why he's not feeling people's energy. Tone explains why Oprah should NOT be President. We also talk about some wage gaps, and not keeping that same energy as a unit. 

055 - 'Shoutout to Long Sex'

This week we have local Beacon artist Brian Daniel stop by the studio to talk about his new EP dropping Dec. 15th - 'Be'. Topics also discussed current NBA stars, who is the best NBA talent all-time. 

053 - 'Stealing From the Stores in China

This week its just the three of us. We discuss Lil' Peep, hip hop culture, Taylor Swift and the death of Pop, and a lot more music. We also touched on LiAngelo Ball and what it is to steal from the stores in China.

052 - 'SuperHeel vs BabyFace'

Kendyle Paige and Brandon Rich stop by the show to talk about her debut single 'FLOWER' (releasing 11.17). We also discuss heel vs face musicians, #YouToo culture, Ric Flair documentary, and much more. 

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051 - 'Candy Corn, Most Divisive Candy All-Time'

This week we have Shawn Strong, filmmaker and director from PhanMedia join us to talk about his journey in the creative arts. We also discuss his passion for supporting new talent, the value of networking, and love of storytelling. Other topics discussed: Fattyonce, Halloween Candy, Weinstein, Strippers on strike, and more. 


050 -'Just Gotta Stay In Character!'

Brandon returns from his unpaid vacation, we tackle the Harvey Weinstein story. We discuss who he is, why this is important, and what it means for Hollywood. We even talk about our own personal questionable sexual behaviors. 

049 - 'If You're Not Complaining, You're Not Living Right'

The homie Doc comes through a year later after suffering a stunning 3-0 defeat to J Booth. This time she sits in to discuss locked photo apps, slut shaming, adult videos, NBA All-Star switch up and more.  


Tony E , CVMO fam (pronounced CAMO) and a slew of others stopped in to promote his latest projects, music, videos, Instagram freestyles, and more. We also discussed topics like Kevin Hart, CTE, XXXTentacion, and Brandon finally find someone to agree with him about his UFC/WWE theory.


046 'Can't Retweet In Twitter Jail'

This week discussion is based around the great week in fashion and culture. We talk about Cardi B's cultural impact and who had the best week. Other topics include new iPhones, Sloan Stevens, and our thoughts on Insecure. Lastly, we touch on Jemele Hill and how her story was behind Tone Aye getting temporarily suspended from Twitter. 


045 - 'End Of Summer Discussion'

We took a week to regroup and gear up for our Sept. 9th show (more on that later). Now that it is September, we decided to discuss the End Of Summer Awards. We covered music, films, television, and fashion to debate who had the biggest impact culturally. 

044 - 'Game of Thrones Trash or Nah'

Roger L Me$$i returns this weeks to chop it up with us. Topics include R&B music, Game of Thrones quality, 25th Anniversary for Martin Show, and we have an uncomfortable conversation about Taylor Swift. 


043 - 'The PAZ Collective'

PAZ Collective based out of Middletown, New York join us to talk about their upcoming projects and the importance of supporting local talent. The also weighed in on many other topics #NUFD style. 

042 - 'U Don't Need To Legitimize Brock Lesnar'

This week we are joined by our friend Andy, and Karen finally returns to the show. Topics include..

  • Game of Throne akin to the Kardashians
  • Should Brock Lesnar take the WWE belt to UFC?
  • 50 Greatest Black Athletes List
  • Disney (ESPN) Leaves Netflix
  • Hip-Hop Birthday?
  • Karen meets Azealia Banks

041 - 'LeBron, they aren't afraid of you anymore!'

Lavar is rapidly falling off the dad of the year list. Ray Lewis back to chuckin' and jivin'. Nobody is afraid of LeBron James anymore. And More!!!