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5 Things Lebron Missed During His Playoff Social Media Hiatus

The Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the GS Warriors to become our 2015-16 NBA champs which mean it's the end of the season, and more importantly, the end of Lebron's social media playoff break. It's always been important to the King to remain connected to his fans via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. However, for last couple of seasons he has made it a priority to put down his phone come playoff time to remain locked in to retain his competitive edge, and the results speak for itself, they guy just won a championship playing in his "6th" straight Finals appearance. I don't even think I can win six games straight playing NBA 2k. We here at Mere Exposure love Lebron feel that it's our moral obligation to keep the King updated on a few things that rocked social media while he was busy adding to his already impressive legacy.

"Chewbacca Mom"
Back in December, Star Wars dropped the 7th installment of its legendary franchise with "The Force Awakens" satisfying old-school fans as well as ushering in a brand new audience. Back in May, a Texas mother of 2 lives streamed a video(which has been watched over 150 million times and counting) on Facebook from her car the joy she received from the purchase of a Hasbro Chewbacca mask. Ever since then, Candace Payne has become a viral star. From press time to Kohls' hand delivering her family a Star Wars care package to more impressively Hasbro themselves creating an entire toy line dedicated to her. If there's anyone that can appreciate the power of a mask, I'm sure it's Lebron.

"Azealia Banks Gets Flamed By Skai Jackson"
Azealia Banks has always been, well to me at least, an under-appreciated talent in music, but that's understandably overshadowed by her need to be very vocal and colorful on social media towards other personalities. Everyone from Jim Jones, Diplo to even the Gawd himself Pharrell has been the subject of many of the Ice Princess's Twitter rants but back in May, one unlikely hero stepped up to take down the Twitter tyrant. Skai Jackson, star of some Disney show I don't watch because I am an adult, was on Twitter and threw in an innocent 2 cents regarding Azealia's ongoing feud against Zayn Malik. Even tho Skai didn't tag her to said tweet; Azealia felt the need to retaliate, and that's where it all went to shit for her. After a few petty responses from Azealia, Skai, a 14 yo btw proceeded to question her relevance and talk about her edges which set Twitter off. By conventional standards, the insults coming from Skai was "eh" at best, but the fact it was coming from a 14 yo Disney star and directed at a person 90% of Twitter hated already made that more special. That's why you NEVER ARGUE WITH CHILDREN! Rules are rules and along with the success of Star Wars and Civil War, you can chalk that up as another win for Disney

"Running Man Challenge"

"Birdman's Respek"
A few months ago The Breakfast Club, known for their controversial interviews due at times to a great part to the antagonizing of Charlemagne, had one of their briefest yet most entertaining guests yet. Cash Money CEO Birdman stopped by the show, along with a handful of unnamed associates, to have what would appear to be an in-depth interview that quickly escalated into the YMCM...... I mean CMB boss cussing out the morning crew and demanding the "Respek" he felt he deserved. What happens to be an interview just a few minutes long churned out quotables that set the Internet on fire and seems that they'll be around for a long time to come. Birdman even cashed in on the interview and dropped a line of merch using the same quotes that went viral. Baby has always been business forward and you just Gotta "Respek" it. 

"Rihanna Throwing Lebron The Box"
Lebron has been the favorite player of millions across the nation, from kids to adults, to fellow athletes and even celebrities. One celebrity that never had a problem expressing her love for the King is the Barbados Qween herself, Rihanna, and she has unique ways of showing it. From sitting courtside at his games, provocative pics wit Lebron tagged to them, and even name-dropping him in her #1 song Bitch Better Have My Money. I mean who better would you have Stan out over you, am I right? Lebron has yet to publicly respond to any of these advances, and that's good, cause for his sake it's best he just "missed" them cause I'm sure Savanah didn't...