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Yes, the Media is to Blame for Trump

Dave Pell writing on his Medium imprint: 

This part won’t come as a surprise. The media doesn’t cover the issues. They cover the game. Political races and sports are covered in the exact same way in America. You get predictions about what a competitor needs to do to win, a brief spurt of action, postgame analysis, and a bunch of repetitive talkshows during which former players provide often obvious insights — which consumers continue to rehash around the social media watercooler. Seriously, is Chris Matthews any different from any SportsCenter anchor? If anything, he’s more sports than they are. His show is called Hardball. Even the MLB Network’s shows aren’t called Hardball.

Bingo. Very good analysis...never thought of it in that sense but a very spot on analogy. Right now, we are all spectators of the game. A game that is more entertaining than anything we seen before. Unfortunately, people no longer want the facts but rather be entertained with opinions and insults, which is what the media choses to cover.