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Inside the BeyHive

BeyHive, as mention on episode 002 - Not Up For Debate, may be the largest militia formed since the Civil war. Now of course some of that is tongue-in-cheek humor, but seriously Beyonce's BeyHive fan group is something we have never witnessed before.  Alyssa Bereznak, staff writer for The Ringer, describes how the super-fan group was formed and the roles they play. 

Ask a BeyHive member how they function and they’ll usually refer you to a 2010 Tumblr post written by Lauren Agnew titled “Know Your Bees.” Frustrated by the tendency for the media to clump together Beyoncé fans as one hater-silencing swarm, Agnew wrote a bee-themed guide to the hive’s personality types, which Beyoncé republished for her website’s debut. “Digger bees” (referred to elsewhere as “worker bees”) are the group’s amateur journalists, scouring the internet for new information on Beyoncé and — in the case of some forum moderators — communicating with sources they’ve cultivated over the years... Honeybees, Beyoncé’s most peaceful fans, typically focus on praising the artist rather than seeking out her critics (a.k.a. “wasps”). Yellowjackets are seasonal Beyoncé fans, and members look down upon them for their lack of loyalty. And killer bees attack.

This is hilarious, but unfortunately it is also accurate. Beyonce's fans are absolute in it for the long haul, and they will defend the Queen Bee (Bey) at any cost necessary - which should be frightening to people not knowing the deal.