A half-assed cultural talk show we accidentally created while trying to do a music show.


Creative Agency

A creative house and consulting agency. We mixed experiential, social, influencer and public relations services for clients. We also house several multimedia shows and podcasts. 

...is a psychological phenomenon by which people tend to develop a preference for things merely because they are familiar with them.
— Mere Exposure Effect

Mere Exposure is a creative house.

That's what we do - We identify what's dope, and expose others to what's next and what's coming. 

Dope Rants was created out of frustration, but most great things are. Often we find fault in the way things are currently being done, whether it is the process or even the product itself. I got tired of the product I was using, and it's intended use. I was dumbing down all my thoughts, ideas, and frustrations into individual social media platforms — mainly Twitter — just for it to get lost and misinterpret in the mix. I would often go on a 20 tweet storm rant, just for my tweets to later get buried on my timeline mixed with all the other bullshit I tweet about.

Another issue I was having was the separation. Twitter didn’t allow me to stand alone on my soapbox. To voice my opinions and have me stand behind them. That platform is not designed for that, millions of other people are furiously tweeting about the same topic as fast as they can. Most of those people can give two shits if they are tweeting anything of value or provide useful information, they are more concerned with just getting something out and seeing if it can capture some quick attention.

Our goal and the premise of Dope Rants is just to have a place where my friends and I can go in on something we feel passionate about. Dope Rants will be mainly centered on our culture and how we view it.


Both shows are recorded and appear on schedule times for the Ground Radio Project

  • Not Up For Debate is a half-assed cultural show we accidentally created while trying to do a music show. Hosted by Tone Aye, Paul Smith, & Brandon.

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