A half-assed cultural talk show we accidentally created while trying to do a music show.


Creative Agency

A creative house and consulting agency. We mixed experiential, social, influencer and public relations services for clients. We also house several multimedia shows and podcasts. 

040 - 'I'm Not Black I'm OJ'

We talk race in America. The (not-so) significance of OJ's parole hearing. Why Mike Vick and Colin Kaep ain't in the same boat. We also argued about the role Kyrie plays, or doesn't play. 

037 - 'Sally on the Side'

Topics include 2Pac (kinda), NBA Finals, teaming up to win, Floyd finally commits to beating up Conor McGregor and more. Remember to subscribe on your favorite podcast catcher and rate us. Leave nasty comments for Paul. 

Bonus - "Not Up For A Mixtape'

This is a previously recorded during Beacon's Open Studios. Terry from The Ground's Mixtape Beacon sits in with us, well actually stoops down to our level of immaturity to shit talk. We give our opinions on our generation's great stickmen, Seth Curry beating his dad, and of course Bill Cosby. Warning tho, it gets dark at times.

Bonus - 'Beacon's Tony E'

Beacon local music artist kicks it with Brandon from the I AM BEACON nonprofit and Not Up For Debate crew. They give their thoughts on Lavar and Lonzo Ball, as well as the NBA. Then talk music and leaves us with scorching freestyle.  

033 - 'Always Up For A Debate pt. 1'

Special Guest and local TV star Ryan comes thru with his boy Jarrell to talk all things great. The both provided their thoughts on rap vs hip hop, Sage Steele & ESPN cooning, communities, and why Nas is the greatest. 

029 - 'Kendall Shall Overcome'

Brandon talks about the experience of having a baby on the biggest day of the year for wrestling, from a dad's perspective. Paul and Tone discuss Kendall's now-pulled Pepsi commercial. 

028 - 'Undertaker With The Tattoos'

It's time for the Super Bowl of wrestling, WrestleMania. Brandon gives us a quick rundown of WWE, Paul tells us about Drake and More Life, and Tone discusses comedy and Kobe's new puppet show. Other topics discussed are K. Dot vs Big Sean, Netflix being the King of comedy now, and Brandon's new hairdo. 

027 - 'Sushi Boi and Good Dads'

After this last week super snow storm, we came in to record a scatter-brain episode with plenty of funny moments. Among the topics we discussed - Lavar Ball, Donald Dump, Good Dads, and a lot of random nonsense. 

026 - 'Remy's Opportunity or Remy's Dilemma'

Remy Ma went on the attack this past week but ended the same week with a dud. What is gonna be the long term outcome of this highly anticipated beef? We also talk some about some other classic hip hop battles. We also discussed how Hot Boyz and Cash Money once was the gold standard for rap crew representation and flag bearing.